Here are the rules for the wiki.

Wiki Rules

  • Do not spam pages or comments, do not make spam pages.
  • Do not edit farm (edit farm is spam editing as in erasing your page and making it again repeatedly, just to get more edits).
  • Do not vandalize pages.
  • Do not upload pornography to the wiki. You will be blocked for doing so.
  • Do not have offensive content in pages like: "This is my character Jack. He is a n*gger."

Chat Rules

  • Swearing is allowed, but do not insult other users.
  • Do not use racial slurs unless you are quoting something.
  • No linking pornography, unless in private messages.
  • No trolling or spamming. Trolling is intentionally angering people on the internet or trying to cause harm, can sometimes involve spamming.
  • Example of regular spamming = Nathan Horn Lake Tree Blue Sky Whale Oregon.
  • Example of gibberish spamming = faadsdfesrdgtcxdfhvj46bxd nutjyngffdjngfhnyjnthjyjmhjmgvjgjv

Role-Play Rules

  • Characters are never allowed to be strong enough to destroy planets or galaxies.
  • No Saiyans allowed, or Super Saiyans.
  • Being able to destroy Earth's moon is the limit of power allowed here (Roshi being able to do such in Dragon Ball).
  • Regeneration is not allowed.
  • The dragon balls cannot be used.